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Frameworks for Trust and Connection:

Tools for Expanding Choice with Partners

October 17 & November 7, 2015 

Saturdays at 2 - 6 pm

at Grassroots studio in West Seattle

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The theme of this workshop series is nurturing a greater sense of personal choice and fulfillment in improvisational dance situations. The work will present two complementary approaches: firstly, perceptual and choice-making skills for navigating time, space, resonant form and movement sourcing in open group scores; and secondly, skills for building trust, defining limits and developing personal agency during our touch-based interactions with others and in partnering situations.

The workshop is for movers wishing to expand their skills, beginners to improvisation who wish a broad set of tools to explore this kind of dancing, contact improvisation practitioners who want to expand their frame of reference, and practitioners of other partnering forms looking for something new.

Kurt Koegel has been teaching contact improvisation and partnering technique for university and professional dance companies as well as the general public around the world for over 20 years. He specializes in teaching workshops that satisfy and inspire both beginners and professional dancers.

We’re offering a special low price for this workshop, to invite more participation and hopefully get more people to come play!

$30 for one workshop, $50 for two if paid by October 17th


Velocity Dance Center

Making Dances (Happen)

Master Class Series with Kurt Koegel

June 1+8+15, July 20+27, 2013

Saturday’s 12-2pm 

$15/session; more info at: 


The focus of this series of classes is:  “How do we bring forth the dancing we really want to be having!”  


We will do this by integrating technique and partner dancing skills within a larger range of improvisation and performance concerns.  We’ll apply these skills and engage with each other in a variety of practice and observation scores every week, with the aim of relishing some uplifting dancing that makes body and mind sing.  During our dancemaking we’ll explore techniques for staying present within our choice-making while deepening our kinaesthetic, compositional and communication sensibilities.

RDT Summer Dance Workshops "Then & Now"

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 17 - 28, 2013


Compositional Skills Suite:

Developing skills of observation and decision-making for movement research, choreography and performance.  


A course for dancer collaborators, choreographers and teachers.

This intensive will draw materials from three related subject areas:  Viewpoints of Composition, Contact and Partnering Skills, and Real-Time Composition. 


News from Salt Lake City:  We have a wonderful, cohesive, inspired group of 16 professionals and university dance majors, and are just beginning our second week.  On Friday, 28 June at 6:00pm we will be sharing our work in a performace at the Black Box Theater of the Rose Wagner Center.  Admission is free!  Please come on by!


One of the participants, Anne Marie Robson Smock, a SLC choreographer, is writing an impressive day-by-day blog about the intensive.  I didn't even know she was doing this, and am so moved by her reflections and sharp descriptions.  You can read this blog at:


University of Washington, Seattle

Undergraduate Dance Program

Composition 3 - Guest Teacher

May 2013 

Complementary Themes:  

Complex Choreography & Scoring Group Actions

Upcoming --

European Tour 2017

22. – 24. June: Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

“Owning our Space” Workshop

+ Performances

30.6 – 2 July: Athens, Greece

Embodiment and Connection

6. – 9. July: Toulouse, France

Embodiment and Connection

17. – 21. July: Lisbon, Portugal

Embodiment and Connection

24. – 28. July:  Berlin, Germany

Tanzfabrik Summer Intensives

Embodiment and Connection

+ Video showing & Discussion

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