Choreography, Coaching

and Mentoring:                  Kurt Koegel

Choreography:                   Students of the MA and BA course

Music:                               Tae Sun You 


The MA and 3. Year BA courses from Prof. Koegel have focused on 3 primary areas of reseach:

  • Viewpoints of Composition: fundamentals of design in choreographic work
  • Movement Research and the creation of Complex Choreography
  • Contact Improvisation and Partnering Principles

In Viewpoints of Composition we researched principles of Spatial Relationship, Primitive Group Action Scores, Positive and Negative Space, Timing, Expressive Body Distortion, Visual Hierarchy, Presence and Form.  The principles are explored while composing In Real Time (the practice of composing instantly, as differentiated from ‘improvising’) and in simple, clear choreographies that function as Landscapes for more complex solos or duets.


In Complex Choreography, students were coached to research and choreograph rich movement materials with a high level of detail.  Multiple initiations and coordinations; intricate body distortions and directions; difficult imbalance sequences and timings; and stylized detailing are combined in challenging sequences.


Contact Improvisation and Partnering Principles explores partner dancing involving touch.  We work on differentiating approaches, developing sensitivity and refining skill levels through specific exercises and the practice of dancing.  An emphasis is made on individual freedom, choice-making, and the communication of touch and body imagery.


I wish to thank Composer/Musician, Tae Sun You for the inspiring, productive collaboration throughout this semester.  His compositional work supports the showings. I also wish to thank the students for their consequent, professional efforts throughout the semester, and to wish them every possible success for their forthcoming careers!


3.Year BA showing:


The 3.Year group has engaged in, and produced, a great range of materials.  I want to commend them for their motivation, curiosity and professionalism.  Their Showcase presents a collage of choreographed materials in response to the three areas of research. 


The student/dancemaker/choreographers created their own solos and then created the group compositions to frame, highlight and accent them.  All duets presented are choreographed by the students, mentored in class sessions, and created in reference to areas of study from the coursework.


Masters Student showing:


This showing focuses on in integration of movement research and compositional mind in real-time choreographic work on-stage.  Complex choreographic solos and partner dancing are woven as highlights into a group practice with rigorous guidelines for awareness, and methods for evaluating and influencing the choreographic structure.


We also addressed the idea of choreographer as Project Manager, and in keeping with this idea, one or two individuals were assigned to organize the content and structure for the different sections of this presentation.



Upcoming --

European Tour 2017

22. – 24. June: Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

“Owning our Space” Workshop

+ Performances

30.6 – 2 July: Athens, Greece

Embodiment and Connection

6. – 9. July: Toulouse, France

Embodiment and Connection

17. – 21. July: Lisbon, Portugal

Embodiment and Connection

24. – 28. July:  Berlin, Germany

Tanzfabrik Summer Intensives

Embodiment and Connection

+ Video showing & Discussion

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