Narrative Relations between Consciousness

and Environmental Conditions

Ph/Ch: K.Koegel | 5-day Workshop Traunstein, Austria | Embodied Movement in Nature Studies

St. Petersburg, Russia

Dates:  12 - 14 September 2016

Where: Petershoff - Quartariata Residency Arts&Technology

Time:  10:00 – 14:00 & 15:00 – 19:00  (8 hours working per day)


For:  Dancers, Actors, Filmmakers, Architects, Designers, Composer/Musicians…

Pontedera, Italy

Dates:  19 - 24 September 2016

This workshop/project is designed as a guided learning and experimentation atelier. The outcome for this atelier will be a series of short, filmed performances at specific site locations in Petershoff. Although there will also be a live performance – the primary goal is the filmed dance productions. These films will be portfolio pieces for each member of the groups involved in the projects.

The working group will be comprised of artists from various backgrounds, including dance, theater, film, and architecture or design.

The filmed compositions will involve movement and narrative exploration, architectural design interventions, costuming, sound environment/music -- and the editing of the film.

Working Process:

Every day begins with an experiential somatic warm up, creating a foundation of understanding and a language of exchange for the participants from the various disciplines.

After the somatic training, there will be sessions on collaborative communication and working process. These sessions are intended to facilitate smooth, creative group decision-making processes throughout the creation phase.

Participants will also be given compositional design problems for the day's work, intending to create a common language for working together.

On the first day working groups will be chosen, and these groups will continue to work together throughout the remainder of the atelier.

After a quick lunch on the first day, we will walk the site, exploring opportunities for filmed performance settings. Groups will then meet and discuss their individual projects and what locations are most attractive for their research.

The remainder of the first day will be devoted to a Charrette, a quick design and choreographic sketch of their initial ideas for the project. This first “sketch problem” will be based on a transformation between three states or conditions. At the end of the first day we will go about to every group's site and view their initial sketches.

From the second day, we will have an abbreviated group somatic training, a short group tuning score, and then the groups will go back to work towards their second composition.

Kurt will go from group to group according to a schedule determined in the morning, and work with each group.

Each group will determine how much their project will or transform or develop from day to day as the work evolves. There will be a close communication process between members of the group – as well as with Kurt, who will continually visit and offer reflections, ask questions, and offer critique and suggestion.

There will be daily showings between the groups, and the opportunity to offer and receive reflections and supportive feedback. There will also be the opportunity to ‘exchange collaborators’ or to have ‘guest visitors’ for the showings and productions. This might involve assistance with set design or filming, guest appearances, the use of ‘extras’ in the productions, or any other manner of support.

The final day and a half will be devoted to final filming and production of first drafts of the film projects.


On the evening of the final day we will have a showing of the work for a limited public and a reception.

Upcoming --

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