Embodiment and Connection

Nurturing Personal Choice and Fulfillment in

Partner Dancing and Group Improvisation


with Kurt Koegel

This workshop focuses on skills for listening and communication in group improvisation and partner dancing. The practices will develop:

·       our awareness of our self, other and environment,

·       the choices we make for self agency and fulfillment,

·       and the ability to express and communicate these choices in moving partnership. 


The goal is delicious dancing that satisfies our desires for both freedom and connection.

The course offers practical listening and choice-making strategies: crafting the performance of perception and emphasizing the gateways of change. 

We will also learn precise, easy to use, techniques for creating a sense of safety, trust and fulfillment in our danced interactions. These ‘unseen skills’ of contact improvisation are not flashy - yet offer delicious results.

Further, we’ll consider our craft of expression: realizing our bodies as not only the container of feeling but also the generator of imagery.

·      Inner Space - Physical training:  Embodiment practices and solo movement inquiry that provides us with a set of skills for listening to ourselves in space and interaction with others.

·      Inter Space (The Space Between):  Charging the space between ourselves and others. Working in duets or small groups, exploring ways to source movement from spatial and movement cues - and how our inner state changes through encounter with others in space

·      Materials for Deepening Connection:  Developing connections through proximity, orientation and touch.  We will reference and sometimes use skills from contact improvisation, physical theater and real-time composition – however, our aim is a dance that is not defined by any of these styles.  The emphasis will be on connection rather than technique, refinement rather than acrobatics.

·      Viewpoints of Instant Composition:   This physical theater toolkit is a menu for making choices about how we locate and orient ourselves in space and in relationship to others;  a method for generating movement material based on listening and response; a  way of facilitating us making intuitive compositional choices.

·      Compositional Sets:  During longer sets of dancing, we will improvise in duets, trios or small groups.  There will also be opportunities to reflect and integrate with partners.  The intention throughout the weekend is on increasing our sense of presence, spaciousness and fulfillment – savoring the experience as we live it.



Kurt specializes in teaching workshops that satisfy and inspire both beginners and professional dancers.

After dancing in New York City, Kurt lived and worked in Europe from 1988 – 2012, teaching for festivals, schools and dance companies including Ultima Vez, Rosas, P.A.R.T.S., SNDO, EDDC, SEAD, as well as extensive teaching in Japan and Korea. From 2007-2011 he designed and directed the Masters in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the University of Performing Arts (HfMDK) in Frankfurt am Main.

Since 2013 he’s been researching how enhancing human perception, embodiment and sustainable interaction can influence how we live in, and design, public space.

His current work focuses on developing our individual sense of place; cultivating an expanded range of choice for movement in relationships; and raising awareness about how we navigate social and public space. He is also passionate about discovering what partnering skills are essential to joyful, consensual connection.

One aspect of his work is about creating a beneficial exchange between the fields of improvisational dance and architecture and urban design.

Training and workshops for companies include: Wim Vanderkeybus / Ultima Vez (Brussels); Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker / Rosas (Brussels); Trust Dance Company (Seoul); Monochrome Circus Dance Company (Kyoto); Cie Gallotta Dance (Grenoble); and Kidd Pivot (Vancouver/Frankfurt).

Work at Universities include: P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels); SNDO – The School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam); EDDC – The European Dance Development Center (Arnhem); SEAD – The Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg); Centre National de la Danse (Paris/Lyon); Kyung Sun University (Busan); and the Korean National University for the Arts – KNUA (Seoul).

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“Owning our Space” Workshop

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Embodiment and Connection

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Embodiment and Connection

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Embodiment and Connection

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Embodiment and Connection

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