Seminars in Real-Time Composition focus on tools for and the practice of creating choreography for the stage in real time.  That is: using one’s compositional tools for sourcing and editing materials in concert with others during a live performance situation.


The materials sourced may be invented at the moment, or they may be drawn from movement research studies and brought to the live event.


This work draws from the Viewpoints of Composition course, whereby a system of tools for observation and decision-making is employed to facilitate a collaborative understanding between creative contributors.  Another potential emphasis that may be explored is the challenging task of working with partnering while remaining responsive to a dynamic and constantly transforming group context.  In other words, applying contact and partnering skills within the context of group performance improvisation. 


Upcoming --

European Tour 2017

22. – 24. June: Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

“Owning our Space” Workshop

+ Performances

30.6 – 2 July: Athens, Greece

Embodiment and Connection

6. – 9. July: Toulouse, France

Embodiment and Connection

17. – 21. July: Lisbon, Portugal

Embodiment and Connection

24. – 28. July:  Berlin, Germany

Tanzfabrik Summer Intensives

Embodiment and Connection

+ Video showing & Discussion

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