Viewpoints of Composition proposes a system of tools for observation and decision-making for composing human forms and interactions in the theater of space.  In the workshop we explore strategies for placing our own [resonant] corporal form into the context of interaction with others in space while researching the communicative principles of interaction.


We will research such themes as: Spatial Relationship, Form as Response, Body Gesture, Kinesthetic Response, Counterpoint and Architecture.


The aim is explore methods that isolate a parameter of composition to experiment with, with the intent to gain a extended proficiency with which to enhance our choreographic inventions. 


Toward this end we employ choice-making palettes to facilitate clear perception of what is happening. 


This approach has evolved from the Six Viewpoints approach developed by director Anne Bogart at the Experimental Theater Wing of New York University.  Kurt Koegel has been developing this work since he first encountered it while working with Anne Bogart from 1986 - 1988.



Upcoming --

European Tour 2017

22. – 24. June: Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

“Owning our Space” Workshop

+ Performances

30.6 – 2 July: Athens, Greece

Embodiment and Connection

6. – 9. July: Toulouse, France

Embodiment and Connection

17. – 21. July: Lisbon, Portugal

Embodiment and Connection

24. – 28. July:  Berlin, Germany

Tanzfabrik Summer Intensives

Embodiment and Connection

+ Video showing & Discussion

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